BULLETIN NR 1 – published 31.12.2022

TECHNICAL BULLETIN – published 7.03.2023

[Nie znaleziono pliku]

Attention, below you may find Event Centre Map – due to changing weather, Event Centre is widened.

Please follow guidance of organizers on parkings.

CZ – event centre (tents for runners, toilets, bonfire, buffet, official prize giving ceremony on Sunday)

B/SI – event office and SportIdent readout (in school)

P – parkings

Kiss&Ride parkings – you may stop, let passengers go, then ride to official parkings. Please park according to parking number (if P1 is full, go to P2 etc.)

Showers (prysznice on map) – near Salmon Tavern, these are normaln rooms for rent, so you can easily change and dry after the shower and then come back to school. In school there are only toilets and wash basins.