It’s time to relax! On 17th of June (Friday) we will organize small O-event Scoredrinkolauf!


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What is scoredrinkolauf?

Every runner (individually or in teams) receives a map and paper start card. We will have 30 control points in the forest and the whole event will be held as scorelauf – you can choose how many and in which order you find controls :)

Each control with have some nice cold drinks attached. During the event we will tell you how we score each point (and bottle…) :) Event for adults only!

Competition centre

Cygańska Łąka in Otomin

54.324857 N, 18.496550 E


17th June (Friday), 19:00


30 zł/person

What you get

map with control points, start card, instruction

drinks in the forest

bonfire + drinks (plus a drink as a warmup before start)

Compulsory stuff

bottle opener


small bag (for every worthy point from forest)

start card and map from organizer