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Gdańsk City Race is an orienteering event held in the family city of Harpagan Orienteering Club.

Gdańsk City Race – 3 stages (Friday to Sunday) in very interesting and iconic places of Gdańsk. Nice courses and breathtaking view of Gdańsk – the city of freedom and now – the city of orienteering.

Sunday stage is a part of City Race Euro Tour – you can read about the cup here.

Gdańsk among cities like Brussels and London will be an arena to city orienteering. 

Think hard, move fast, feel good! is a motto of CRET and in Gdańsk we will have a chance to put that motto into life, adding some tourism and polish cuisine.

Here you may download:

CRET 2022 Poster (40 pobrań)

Gdańsk City Race logo v1 (87 pobrań)

Gdańsk City Race logo v2 (79 pobrań)